Be Your Own Life Coach

A self-paced online course that gives you the tools, exercises and resources you need to be your own life coach.
Welcome to the 'Be Your Own Life Coach' course!
5 mins
Download the Be Your Own Life Coach Workbook
4.88 MB
Part One
Your Ideal Day
5 mins
Minimum and Maximum Levels
7 mins
The Wheel of Life
9 mins
Life Audit
22 mins
SWOT Anlaysis
8 mins
Start, Stop and Keep, and 'What Are You Tolerating?'
6 mins
Myers-Briggs Personality Profile
7 mins
What Are Your Values?
8 mins
A Letter to Your Future Self
5 mins
Part Two
Thought Patterns
11 mins
Identifying Limiting Beliefs
10 mins
What's Draining Your Energy?
23 mins
Choose Your Mindset
6 mins
Setting Boundaries
12 mins
Letting go of Fear
9 mins
How to Boost Your Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence
10 mins
Creating Habits
14 mins
The Benefits of Gratitude
6 mins
Daily Journaling
3 mins
Invisible Mastermind
6 mins
Advice to a Friend
2 mins
Part Three
Setting Your Goals
10 mins
Evaluating Your Goals
6 mins
Staying on Track
5 mins
50 Journal Prompts
1.66 MB
Be, Do, Have
1.65 MB