Develop Your Spiritual Connection by Misty Sansom

Develop Your Spiritual Connection

A four week online course designed to help you develop, tune in and connection to your spiritual side.

You are a spiritual being having a human experience.

There’s the physical you; the one living a life of family, friends and work. 

And then there’s the spiritual you; ethereal, connected and otherworldly, with no proof of existence other than what you know to be true.

You know that there is something deeper; something more…

Maybe you’ve wandered down this path before, but none of what you tried genuinely resonated. Maybe a little self-doubt and scepticism clouds the way. Maybe you’re unsure about what it is you’re looking for…because what does being spiritual even mean?!

The truth is, isn’t one single way to experience this connection. 

That is actually great thing, but it also means you’ll find endless ideas, concepts, beliefs, tools, rituals and philosophies…and it’s hard to know where to begin. 

And when you combine intentional mystery, strict philosophies, jargon and spiritual ‘fluff’, spirituality can be a very confusing place. You can easily end up waving smoke around, filling your home with crystals, activating your green juice while thinking…is this it? Am I doing it right? 

Your spiritual path is as unique as you are.

Your spiritual truth is yours alone. Rather than following a path that doesn’t resonate on a soul level, I want to you to uncover your own spiritual truth.

Welcome to the Develop Your Spiritual Connection eCourse

A four week eCourse designed to help you create a genuine, lasting spiritual connection, evolve your abilities and find your truth.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • You’ll create a genuine, soul-shifting connection that you can actually feel
  • You’ll learn the skills to receive and interpret messages from your guides, the universe or God - the entity you feel comfortable conversing with.
  • You’ll learn to tune into this guidance whenever and wherever you need to. 
  • You’ll learn how to use the tools, practices and rituals that are specifically suited to you. 
  • You’ll learn how to get past the challenges that you may face along the way; self-doubt, the difference between imagination and intuition, scepticism and more.
  • You’ll learn how to apply this in a very practical and usable way. These will be skills you lean on in your day-to-day life, as you create the balance between your spiritual and physical self. 

Ultimately, my aim is for you to develop a very real, honest and genuine spiritual connection. 

Discover Your Spiritual Connection is laid out into four modules:

Week One: Reframe and challenge the beliefs and perceptions you have about spirituality. Figure out where you are now (spiritually speaking) and set your intentions for the next four weeks. Prep your mind for two-way communication with guided meditation. 

Week Two: You’ll learn about different tools, practices and rituals, how they work and why - the why is a little controversial! You’ll also learn how to make them work for you - you’ll tap into your intuition to assemble your spiritual toolbox. 

You’ll also dive into communication and signs, and you’ll learn the difference between your intuition and your imagination. You’ll learn how to develop your intuition through intuitive adventures. And you’ll take your communication to the next level through simple signs and messages.

Week Three: You’ll develop your communication even further and take the first steps toward a two-way conversation. You’ll lean into your natural abilities to uncover how messages are likely to come to you. And you’ll learn how to get a basic conversation flowing. We’ll also cover how to get past any challenges or blocks that may come up.

Week Four: In the final week, you’ll learn how to have a fully flowing conversation with your guides or the universe, including how to get started and what questions to ask. You’ll also learn how to use this skill every day, and how it can help you bring your purpose to life. 

And we’ll round it off by learning how to do spiritual readings for yourself (or a willing friend!). We’ll cover three kinds of readings based on the skills you’ll learn in the previous weeks; divination using cards, using intuition to tune into present moment challenges and how to overcome them, and how to connect to your guides to conduct a past life reading. 

Week One starts as soon as you sign up, so you can begin right away.

You’ll have a week to work through the exercises before the next module comes through. And of course, all of this is yours to keep, so you can revisit any exercise or module whenever you need to. 

This is everything I wish I knew when I started my spiritual journey.

Information that is simple/straightforward and honest, without the unnecessary mystery and confusion. The course is packed with value – it’s the equivalent of a years worth of spiritual growth, packed into four weeks.

I know that for me personally, if I had this guiding me when I started getting into spirituality, it would have saved so much time and energy. I would have known what to focus on, rather than getting caught up in the surface level stuff.

I wanted to go deeper, and I know you do, too.

Buy now and get the $90 bonus pack - free!

If you're ready to create a genuine and lasting spiritual connection, you won't want to miss these bonuses.

The bonus pack includes:

Full Guided Meditation Pack: Guided meditations for connecting to your guides, exploring past lives and reading for others. These are all advanced forms of connection, and the guided meditations makes the experience so much easier to navigate. 
And you get a day and night version of each meditation! The night version is perfect to listen to before you go to sleep as it gently and peacefully trails off. The day version guides you back out of relaxation to perk up your energy, bring you back into the moment to carry on your day. Value $47 (so you won't want to miss out on this!)
101 Questions For Spiritual Guidance eBook: In the in moments of spiritual connection it's easy to go blank – there’s so much we want to know or ask, but we don’t know where to start!

This is where this eBook becomes invaluable. It guides you through the overwhelm to make the most of each session, and dive deeper and deeper into your spiritual growth each time. Value $19
Printable Journal Pack: These are pages that you can print off over and over again to create a beautiful collection of your sessions, and insights, guidance, answers, thoughts, messages and ideas you receive.

Over time, you'll end up with the most beautiful record of your spiritual growth and connection. Value $15
Spiritual Development Blueprint: This is your reference guide to your growth. As you dive deeper into spiritual growth, you'll find that areas for personal growth and development will come up - the two go hand in hand. Sometimes it’s two steps forward, one step back, and this is wonderful a roadmap to refer back to. 
It will show you what is likely to come up in terms of personal growth and development at each stage so that you’re not blindsided or disheartened when it happens. It also shows you when to bring your purpose into play, and how to start working with this connection to bring your purpose to life. It’s a simple guide, but it’s so valuable to have. Value $9

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Hi! I'm Misty.

I'm a certified life coach, and my purpose in life is to help you find yours.

To guide you to your purpose, I help you to: understand exactly what your purpose is, work out a way to bring it to life, and help you navigate your way through both personal and spiritual growth and development.

I'm so excited to get started! I'll see you on the inside x

What's included?

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Week One
Workbook for Week One
11.1 MB
Energy Expansion Meditation - Day
9 mins
Energy Expansion Meditation - Night
10 mins
BONUS: Printable Journal Pages
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BONUS: Spiritual Development Blueprint
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Week Two
Workbook for Week Two
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Week Three
Workbook for Week Three
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BONUS: 101 Questions for Spiritual Guidance
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Week Four
Workbook for Week Four
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BONUS: Meditation Pack

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