Find Your Purpose by Misty Sansom

Find Your Purpose

An eBook-meets-workbook designed to help you find your purpose and bring it to life.

Right now...

You feel a little lost and a lot frustrated.
You can’t shake that feeling something is missing.
You feel like you may have missed your calling.
And no matter how great things might seem, you can’t help feeling unfulfilled…which makes you feel guilty, because what more could you want?
  • Get clarity on who you are and what you’re about.
  • Uncover your purpose and bring it to life in a way that suits where you are now.
  • Know what you’re here to do and how you’re going to do it.

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The reason you haven't found your purpose yet...

There are a lot of misconceptions around what purpose is and isn't, how you find it and how you live it. The idea that only certain people have a purpose, or that you have to drastically alter your life to live your purpose is not only wrong, but it can hold you back.

Three things you need to know about your purpose:

1. Your passions are not your purpose. Your passions are how you bring your purpose to life, but they’re not the purpose itself. Your purpose is the one thing that you are meant to do in your lifetime. Your passions can change. Your purpose doesn’t.

2. You don’t have to quit your day job. Your job can be your purpose, or it can support your purpose. Either way is totally fine.

3. You don’t have to save the world. Sometimes we can feel that because our purpose isn’t to save the world or to cure a disease, it isn’t enough. And this couldn’t be further from the truth. Every purpose is as important as the next.
When you find your purpose and live it, you inspire others to do the same. And this is how you personally have an impact that reverberates throughout the world.

What's Inside

Part One:
+ Helps you to identify your values, your motivators, how you like to feel, and your interests – essentially painting a picture of who you are.
+ You’ll cover what you like and what you don’t, where your strengths lie, and understand your personality traits.

Part Two:
+ You’ll bring everything together to uncover what your purpose is. This area can be tough, but there are exercises, worksheets and questions to help you work it out.
+ You’ll also learn the beliefs that hold people back from their purpose – knowing these will help if you get stuck!

Part Three:
+ Is to decide how you will live your purpose and bring it to life. How you do that is completely up to you – there is no right or wrong way to do so.
+ This area also covers working with any commitments you have in your life; a family, a job, a home, a spouse, or a mortgage. Living your purpose is something anyone, in any situation can do – you don’t have to quit your day job to do it!
You’ll get the Find Your Purpose eBook as an instant download. You can fill out the exercises directly in the eBook on your laptop, or if pen and paper is more your thing, you’ll also get a file with all the exercises collated for easy printing.

Praise for the Find Your Purpose eBook

Wow - what a great process to go through! All the exercises are really enjoyable to do and so insightful. I came out of it with a lot more clarity about who I am and what I need to focus on going forward in order to live the life of my dreams. 
Georgina Smith
Find Your Purpose has helped me uncover passions and goals that I’ve always held deep inside, but was previously too nervous to reveal. Thank you SO much for creating such a valuable and useful resource.
Rhiannon Cruz
Misty's book was eye-opening and inspiring. I was able to determine my strengths and natural personality traits and was inspired by how her questions helped me identify patterns and behaviours that are supporting a clear purpose in my life. 
Dominique van Hoof

The Find Your Purpose eBook will take you from feeling lost and unfulfilled to confident and clear on who you are and what you want.

You’ll know what you want to do. You’ll know where you want to be. You’ll know how to get there.

You’ll have confidence in making decisions: in saying yes, and in saying no. You’ll feel empowered and fulfilled.

You’ll have purpose.

Hi! I'm Misty,

And my purpose in life is to help you find yours.

To guide you to your purpose, I help you to: understand exactly what your purpose is, work out a way to bring it to life (no matter what your situation is), develop your intuition, delve deeper into your own spirituality (rather than following spiritual trends), and show you that you have something significant to offer to the world.

Start living your purpose today.

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I'm here to help you find your purpose and bring it to life. My focus is on purpose, personal growth and transformation.